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It wasn’t long ago that data-driven marketing was a novelty. Today, it’s the leading force in whether your efforts go for a loss, a wash or success. The shift toward real-time, actionable intelligence has spurred agile development in information technology.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

— Carly Fiorina

In the Information Age, consumers expect you to know preferences and act in their interest. Choppy communications and disjointed experiences are less worthy of forgiveness in a market where data is readily available. Customers can get annoyed in an instant.

A word of caution—not all data is trustworthy. Misinformation and hurried analysis is prevalent. Bias leans from objectivity. Facts aren’t embraced by all. You need a committed partner to be strategic in marketing.

“Analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking.”

— Kenichi Ohmae

The rise of data has followed the generally accepted principle that content is king. In 2015, Adweek revealed that the most popular investment in data-driven marketing is to target offers, messaging and content (69% of those surveyed use it). Other uses include product development, customer experience optimization, audience measurement and predictive analytics.

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