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A momentous occasion is when your circumstances change in an instant. One minute—the previous one—you paused. In the next, an entirely different opportunity presents itself. Will you capitalize or watch moments pass you by? The ones who are most prepared and brave enough to spring into action are ready to compete, resonate and succeed.

“Don’t dwell in the past. Don’t dream of the future. Concentrate on the present.”

— Buddha

Being in the moment is challenging. We live with increased distractions and reduced attention span. Because we’re more engaged, interaction is amplified. Glimpse Digital works to improve how you react during pivotal moments.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”

— Demosthenes

Behind Our Name

Glimpse—because big opportunities spring from small moments: a glance, a sniff test, an urge to do things differently. Glimpse—because the laws of attraction work naturally to convert like-minded people. All you need is to be prepped and introduced to right-fit customers.
Digital—because data can’t be seen and many struggle to produce meaningful analysis, respond to signals and arrive at compelling conclusions. Digital—because email, content and mobile website marketing may be your best chances to move the needle.

More About The Brand

Enjoy snapshots and stories from the chase, discovery, expression, feats, life hacks, wanderlust and other fleeting moments caught at our Tumblr: Catch Companion. Conversation fodder is curated by founder Eric S. Townsend.

When We’re Hired

When you need an hour of consulting | When you’re willing to try something new | When you have an ad campaign to run | When your current marketers lack focus and hustle | When you seek to retain an ongoing agency of record | When investors ask for a business plan | When brand touch points aren’t healthy | When you desire a new look and voice | When your website isn’t mobile-responsive | When you lack voice and your content isn’t compelling enough | When you can’t immediately put your fingers on data, analysis and other market research in your industry

The Roles We Play

Consultant | Advisor | Sounding Board | Marketer | Brand Developer | Visual Designer | Content Creator | Website Developer | Research Analyst | Storyteller | Speaker | Sales

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